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Little Dragon (LD)
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It's been reported that DMA will load on Vista and the character tree is populated, but when loading the characters, nothing happens.


There are several possible reasons for this to occur :


   -- The code sucks.  While this is usually the first thought, it's not 100% true. I try to write non-sucky code, but you never know :lol:


   -- The tree code isn't functioning properly in Vista.  This is totally possible as DMA uses a custom tree handler. This needs more testing to be sure.


   -- The problem is in loading the characters.  DMA uses the latest CoreRules API. However the API still has some holes in it for fields I have not identified. It's possible that the characters being loaded just can't be loaded. I'm looking into this further.


This problem is currently under investigation.

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Little Dragon (LD)
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I received the log and data files from the system that can't load the characters. Put them on my system (completely replacing my characters), and the load without a problem.


I have been trying to get a Vista system to test on and realized last night that two of my friends have Vista and use DMA. Now the ultimate question is, do they use DMA on their Vista machines.


I've sent out an email to them for verification.


Additionally, the log didn't show any kind of load failure which kind of tells me that it didn't try to load the characters. Which could mean that the tree processor is failing.


If either of the people I know using DMA with Vista have it running, I'll have a test bed of sorts. They're coming over this weekend so I'll have them load the failing character set on their CoreRules install and see if they can load the characters.

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Little Dragon (LD)
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Well .. Kind of .. Sort of .. Found the issue.


DMA uses a specialized but of MFC code to open and activate the child windows. When a character is double-clicked on the tree, the code first looks to see if the child window is open. If it is, it brings it to the front and activates it. If it's not, the window is opened and activated.


Under Vista, this code does not function as intended. In fact, Vista reports that the window is already open and returns an invalid window handle causing DMA to crash.


I'm looking further with the hopes of finding a quick fix. Otherwise I need to rewrite the whole of the window handler.


Bad news is I only had a Vista system to test on briefly. I do not actually have Vista. So this may be an interesting development.

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