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Little Dragon (LD)
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Having installed Windows 7 on the Little Dragon development machine, I can now pursue getting the application to run in a more moden world.


Of course this will probably make any XP version of the program not work any more. But I do have the XP Mode installed so I can test out XP releases.


The initial run is that the release mode verion of DMA does not always seem to work. It just shows a dialog saying a problem occured and asking if I should close the program or restart.


I built a debug version and that seems to be fully functional. I am still investigating the cause, and how to have a working release version for Windows 7 soon.

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I just wanted you to know that I've just discovered your work, following your 2007 thread from Dragonsfoot to here. I'm playing AD&D again after many years now that my own children are old enough to be my group of players. I've dug out my old Core Rules 2 discs (among lots of other stuff) and have been using it, but I'd love to have your software to get even more functionality out of it. I know this has been a long process for you, but I wanted to let you know that you'll have one very happy user.

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Little Dragon (LD)
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First. Let me say hello and welcome. It's good to see another interested party for this utility.


I read the issue you are having with starting the demo on Windows 7. As you can see above I recently moved into the real world with my own computer and installed Windows 7. I purposely avoided Vista.


When I upgraded, I had a simular issue in that the program would start, and then just halt. I still have not found a good solution as to why.


There are two (2) parts to the demo. One, the "old" code should start and run fine. The new code that actually processes the character files is a bit of a bother. I tried to recompile it using release mode and it still fails. But for some reason debug more works. I will rebuild the demo and repost it. Hopefully that will address the issue.

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