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As the world unfolded, we find a lone cleric lost on a beach. Trapped between the cliffs and the sea. Not a likly place for a poor druid who longs for the forest.


He comes upon a smelly clump of seaweed onto to discover it's some kind of creature. From the oder, and lifelessness, the druid does the only thing he knows, pushes the poor creature back into the sea.


The water logged dwarf does not appreciate this however.


The two conceed to help each other. And head off to find a way up the cliffs. They find a path and a very drunk elf that agrees to lead them into town.


On the way they literally run into a lost human, and take him with them.


The dwarf gets a bath, the group gets food and drink, and they hear of strange occurances to the south. Banding together, they decide to investigate the misterious deaths.


On the way, they meet up with a small band of goblens who attack them. And nearly kill them all. If not by luck, they would all be dead.


Revived they are now determined to help each other and work together for their lifes sake.


Will they live? We will see next time....

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