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The mid day sun warms the city as a small girl is captured and dragged along by the two large men. A savior comes in the form of a human. He fights the two and girl escapes, but is he here to rescue her, or capture her?


Meanwhile two other strangers arrive in the city to find this not as hospitible a place as it appears. The three have a very short stay in the city and leave to head into the farmlands.


The girl, hides under a carrage, finding passage from the city and into the farmlands.


In a small villiage, the small band finds a riddle to solve. The dead return at night and take the livestock. The villagers are terrified. So for a fee the band agrees to help. They watch the creatures night after night trying to find reason and cause for their appearance. But nothing avails itself.


The girl sneeks around town, stealing food and clothing and watching the three. She is finally caught by the one that had rescued her. She hits him and runs screaming that he not take her back. This causes some problems for the small band as they fight over weither the girl should be returned.


Finally the large giant of a woman wins and the girl stays. The girl finds the cause of the creatures return to be a medalion worn by the town leaders. But there was no leader. So she calls out all the towns people and gives the medalion to the one lady of the village that showed her kindness. As long as the medalion is worn the creatures will not return. The lady becomes the new leader of the village.


The four head north into the fields eventually arriving at a new city. A place to rest. What will become of the group? Will the slave girl be returned? We will see...

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