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Having survived the goblins, and the night. The merry band again set out to learn the cause of the strange dead bodies appearing around the countryside.  As the staggered their way through the plains, they found several people leaving a nearby village. This of course was of interest to the group.


In the village they met with a half-elf druid that knew of at least one location of one of the bodies. Though it had been there for some time, he agreed to take the group to it. Fighting dogs, and other wild creatures, the group eventually found the remains of the body. It was devoid of blood and it's heart was ripped from it's chest. Not enough of the remains were left to tell more.


The next day, the group headed south looking for more evedence and more clues. Stubling upon the biggest clue of all, a large cave. However, they noticed two strange facts about this cave. The first is that the druid's dog would not enter, and the second was that no tracks were left around the opening of the cave, or for about 15' inside. Not even theirs.


Fighting Ogres, Rats and other beasts, they have made their way deep into the cave. What will they encounter? What manner of beast awaits them? Stay tuned....

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