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A new day began for the ragged group of adventurers. The mage acquires new clothes as the remnants of her old rags finally fall from her body. The childs sneaks around town and spies some small dirty people(Dwarves) leaving town through the east gate. The ranger and half-blood gain a new friend while sharing drinks at the tavern. Unbeknowst to them he is member of the Order of the Silver Wing. After discussing their plans they decide to leave Lorea through the north gate and follow the river/mountains northwards towards the nearest port city.


Along the way to this next city the group meets a group of guards with some of the small dirty people the child saw earlier. They learn that there have been recent troubles in the mines with the slaves turning up dead with their blood drained. Taking note of this information the group continues northward till the ranger falls through the ceiling of an ancient cave. Promptly the group decides to help the ranger out and continue on their journey. Moving further into the plains away from the mountains to avoid any other unforseen falls, in the process the child will step onto a trap, having ignored the rangers advice of circumventing the trapped area, injuring her foot.


The first night out the group hears strange wailing sounds coming from the mountain that cause the mage to become sick but by morning the sounds have stopped so they continue northward. After another halfdays travel they come to the road and follow it to the bridge where they must pay a toll of 2 gold to cross. The mage pays for herself, the ranger and the half-blood, while the knight pays his own way, meanwhile the child deftly appropriates the needed coinage for the toll from one of the guards before crossing. Beyond the bridge they pass through a mountain pass where they see two young dragons eating a corpse before finally making it to the port city of Pherrin.


Once in Pherrin the child plays up the dirty girl routine to gain some money, while the ranger heads to the docks to partake in some gambling. The knight seeks out an apothecaries shop but finds nothing of value. The mage and half-blood find the Grey Shark Tavern and decide it is a fine place to rest during their stay. Meanwhile the child comes across the ranger playing a dicing game with some sailors and calls out to him. When the ranger decides now is a good as time as ever to cash in and leave the host of the games stabs him in the back. The child promptly pulls one of her daggers and stabs the guy in return scaring off the other sailors. The child pockets the guys money and dagger while the ranger takes the dice used in the game before stumblin into the closest inn, The Grey Shark Tavern, where upon they meet the others in the group.


The group ultimatey will hire a fishing boat captain to take them to the city of Tanbel on the next island for 5 gold per passenger. Before leaving the mage acquires some Redsar Kelp to make sleep powder. The voyage south is an easy one unti lthe boat passes the half way point, upon which it is attacked by a giant squid resulting in the sinking of the ship and the loss of its crew. Before having to abandon the ship the mage pilfers the captains Sextant and Spyglass. The group now safely ashore sets up camp and begins to dry off.


Initially planning ot follow the coastline south to the city they find the way impassable by steep cliffs that drop off into the ocean and decide to head inland through the mountains. Once in the mountains the knight can sense a great evil, but is unable to determine a source. The group passes through a spiders nest before finally descending from the mountains to the forest floor below. That night in the forest four members of the group have strange dreams of their past. Upon acertaining the meaning of their dreams they awake to find them selves in an elven encampment. Here they are fed and informed that the dreams were a form of purification fomr the darkness that was drawing ever closer to their hearts and that the source of this darkness originating in ages past but had laid dormant for generations.


The group not wishing to encounter such evils leaves the elven encampment for the City of Tanbel. Approaching the gates of Tanbel reveals that the city is currently under going a crisis caused by the eruption of the volcano on a nearby isle to the west as such none of the ships are capable of leaving the harbor. The group having studied the maps of their prior boats captain decide they should try crossing the channel to the south to Belgen to see if they could gain any help there. Upon corssing the channel in their makeshift boat they find it is only a small fishing village which can offer no assistence. Leaving them stranded without a definitive plan on how to escape these isles.

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Good detail.. It's about time I'm not the only one updating these ...


For those keeping up with the happenings ... We (The characters) have some interesting challenges ahead of us, but we've laid out plans to ensure our survival..... Or was it our deaths?

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